Day 5

July 20, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was another day full of Costa Rican adventure. We started out the day with a walk to school with Oso and then class per usual. I took a picture today of the third floor of the university outside of my classroom during our 15 minute break during class this morning so I could share it with you all:


After class was out we had a meeting about our excursion for this weekend–Manuel Antonio National Park. We are going to have some great times on the beach there and I could not be more excited.

From the meeting we made our way over to the bus to go to our Traditional Costa Rican Cooking Class! I like cooking quite a bit, but this cooking class was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I loved learning new recipes, cooking with my new friends and getting to spend time with the family that taught the class. We all had a ton of fun, made some great food and great memories. When we first arrived they had juice waiting for us–and of course, it was delicious.

We made Gallo Pinto: Costa Rican-Style Rice and Beans, and Isis and I got to be chefs!

Tortillas Aliñadas:

Empanadas de plátano:



Our gracious teachers also made us bread and coffee!

Here was our final plate with the Chimichurry, Empanadas de plátano and Gallo Pinto!


When we took a break in between recipes, Jorge, the husband of the woman who was teaching our cooking class walked Leslie and I around their yard and showed us and told us about all of his different trees and plants. We smelled them all, tasted a few and took in all the beautiful flowers, leaves and fruits. Plus, I learned quite a few new words today!

At the end of the day there was a prize for the person who spoke the most Spanish during the class. I don’t know how–but I won! Although I don’t drink coffee I am so excited about my little prize! (I’m sure it will work with loose leaf tea!)


Until tomorrow’s adventure,
Pura Vida

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