Day 6

July 21, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Well guys, today was an interesting one for the books. It started off normal enough, we walked to class with Oso, had class and then I stopped at the bank before we headed home for lunch.

Today we had another free afternoon. The rest of my Summer IV Sol-Mates that hadn’t gone to the market with us earlier this week were going to head to the market in San José and we had decided we were going to go to the Parque de Diversiones in San José. It was only going to cost about 8,100 colones, so only about $14, not half bad, right? Sounds like a decent afternoon? Answer: it should have been but Costa Rica had other plans today.

We met up in the cafeteria at the university (where Oso was still hanging out and happy to see us):

And then we headed over for the bus and took it into San José. Mallory had gotten directions from her professor, so we were ready to go! We were going to get off of the bus in San José and walk toward the hospital to catch a taxi to the amusement park. Well my friends, we got off the bus and started walking in the exact opposite direction of where we should have been walking. Needless to say, we got a little lost today in San José (and I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it). We just kept walking figuring the next intersection had to be the right one… it wasn’t. And, in typical Costa Rican rainy season fashion, it began to downpour. This fabulous picture is of us soaking wet and lost in San José but happy to be together, laughing and making the most of the situation.


This selfie turned out to be more incredible than I could have imagined, because Vanessa’s face pretty much sums up the day:


Eventually we realized we were lost and headed back, retracing our steps. On our way back to the bus stop we stopped at a thrift store and just poked around for a few minutes.

We eventually made it back to the bus stop and caught the bus (a ridiculously crowded bus–literally no one else could have possibly fit on the bus) back to Heredia and Paseo de las Flores, the mall right across from the university.


We walked around the mall for awhile and eventually met up with the other group of our Summer IV Sol-Mates in the food court and got crepes! I, in my typical fashion, forgot to take a picture of my beautifully made crepe before I smeared my whipped cream all over it.


Turns out the other group didn’t have a very great day either. On their way to the market they also got a little lost and ended up taking a taxi that completely ripped them off. He ended up charging the six of them 54,000 colones! That’s about $95 for probably about a maximum of 5 blocks.

When we met up in the food court we were all just happy to be together, to have gotten our “bad day” out of the way, to be alive, some-what dry, and not lost in San José!


Until tomorrow, which will be a great day,
Pura Vida-

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