Day 7

July 22, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was an incredible day! Heidi and I walked to the university to meet up with our other Sol-Mates to hit the road for Manuel Antonio!


I love the beach so I was ridiculously excited for this excursion–and it didn’t disappoint! Although the drive was about 4 hours, we made a few stops along the way that made it all worth it! Our first stop was at a souvenir shop and cafe. They had some really neat stuff, but I didn’t end up buying anything. I was completely entranced by the artist sitting outside of the shop painting pictures of native animals that were for sale hanging on the wall in front of him. I loved watching him paint, even if for just a little while.

After that we hopped back on the bus for a stop to walk across Crocodile Bridge–which deserves it’s name. The bus dropped us off on one side of the bridge and picked us up on the other allowing us to walk across the bridge, see the crocodiles, take a few selfies, and attempt to spell SOL with our arms casting a shadow on the water.


P.S. That’s me waving!

Then it was back on the bus again and it seemed like forever until we finally saw the ocean… probably because I was crazy excited.


It then seemed like forever after seeing the ocean that we ended up in Manuel Antonio. I just couldn’t understand why we were still driving through the mountains but could still see the ocean. Costa Rica is crazy.

When we finally arrived in Manuel Antonio we hopped off of the bus and took the trail back to the national park!

Once in the park we took the trails and bridges down to the beach. It was an great little hike with incredible sights. We saw monkeys and crabs and they were absolutely adorable (and made me feel bad about eating crab for dinner).

We finally made it to the beach and the pictures say more than I ever could, so I will let them do the talking.

We spent the majority of the afternoon in the water, swimming, relaxing, laughing, just trying to take in the beauty of the water, the jungle, the rocks, the sky, the raccoons trying to break into peoples bags looking for food.

The time eventually came to head back to the hotel to check in, shower, and get ready for dinner. Our hotel was right across the street from the public beach–which I couldn’t have been more excited about. The view was incredible.


After a quick shower and getting ready we headed to Claro Que Seafood Restaurant for dinner–and oh my god was it good. I had the seafood pasta and it had some of the best octopus I have ever had in it–INCREDIBLE!

It was a great day with friends in Manuel Antonio and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Until then,
Pura Vida

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