Day 8

July 23, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was our second and final day in Manuel Antonio so I set off immediately to make the most of it. We met our directors for breakfast at 7:45, ate and then headed back to the hotel. (While we were at breakfast we saw this neat guy just chilling)


Once back I threw on my bikini, kicked off my shoes and took nothing with me but my camera. No clothes, no shoes, nothing to worry about leaving on the beach–I was in sever need of getting my ocean fix without worrying about something going missing. When I first got to the beach none of my Sol-Mates were out yet. I climbed up some beautiful rocks on on the beach/in the ocean, took some incredible pictures and just sat and watched the waves for awhile. It was a little gloomy but that didn’t stop me or bother me at all!

Eventually I was joined by a few of my Sol-Mates who were nice enough to take some pictures of me on said rock, and Ash came up to explore with me!

After that it was time to draw in the sand a little bit:


Had to do this one for my Shane:


And then: swimming time. The waves here were incredible and the water stayed shallow for awhile. I hate to say it but I liked this public beach better than the one in the National Park! Emma, Ash and I had a blast swimming around, riding waves, etc.

When it was just Emma and I in the water there was a group of about six or so people near us. I heard them speaking English so I was about to go over and talk to them, ask them if they’re on vacation and what not, when I actually started to look at the people in the group. Last night at dinner we had talked about how crazy it would be to see someone we knew here–and lo and behold the one and only Kristen Hinz is swimming literally 10 feet from me. It is such a small world! It was great to see her and chat for a bit before her group was headed off.


After that Emma, Ash, and I swam until we absolutely had to go back and shower so we could check out of our rooms at noon. After a quick shower and check out we met up with a little larger of a group to walk over to a restaurant that had burgers (because a burger and a coke sounded incredible).

We ate and then headed back to the bus for the excruciating ride home. As soon as we were on the bus it started pouring. Due to heavy traffic on the way back we took alternative routes that included winding mountain roads and a bus driver who drove pretty darn quick. Do you know what that equation equals? Motion sickness. Luckily, someone’s grandma had passed down the knowledge that smelling a lime cures motion sickness, and for some reason, Emma had limes. After a few minutes all was well.

We eventually made it back to Heredia, dead tired and ready to go to bed at like 7:00.

This weekend was incredible and I can’t wait to see what this week will bring!

Pura Vida

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