Day 12

July 27, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was INCREDIBLE! Class was alright–it totally stressed me out because we have way too much to do in like a week with traveling every weekend. But after that, the day was unforgettable, starting with seeing Oso sunbathing on the stairs.

We hung out in the cafeteria after class and ate lunch until it was time to load up the bus for our trip to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. What an incredible place. We saw a ton of different animals and heard some incredible stories of rescue, rehabilitation and release! There were also some beautiful flowers. Like always–the pictures can say more than I ever could.

Photo Credit: Heidi
Photo Credit: Lisette
Photo Credit: Lisette

The most notable part of the day–I fell in love. Sorry Shane, but my new exotic boyfriend is just too cute–and I think he loves me too.

After our incredible experience at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, Sandeep and I sat at school for awhile and worked on our presentation for tomorrow. We finished up pretty quick and it was back home to do some homework and try to catch up on blog posts.

If you want to check out The Toucan Rescue Ranch online here are some links!


To donate go to:

Until tomorrow’s adventure,
Pura Vida

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