Day 17

Hola, a todos!

Today was a pretty good day! It was our last day of class for session IV since tomorrow is a holiday and Thursday we have our final project presentations. So, today we finished up with a test and oral presentation, got some grades back–and then it was on to the exciting part of the day!

After lunch Sarah and I went to meet up with my Summer IV gang of Sol-Mates and we made our way to San Jose to the same market we have been to before to finish up on our souvenir shopping since most of the group leaves on Saturday (I’m definitely going to cry when they go). I’m glad that I joined them because I have officially finished souvenir shopping and have spent too much money, but I’m in love with everything I have gotten, so it’s okay, I’ll just skip a few meals.

After we finished up at the market we took the train back to Heredia to hang out for the rest of the evening and then eat dinner. I’m now getting ready to head out to go dancing with almost everyone that is still here since there are only 15 of us that will be here for Summer V.

Until tomorrow!
Pura Vida

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