Day 18

August 2, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was a great day! We had the day off of school so we took off early to spend the day in San Jose! I met up with some of my Sol-Mates, hopped on the bus, and made our way toward the National Museum of Costa Rica!

Once we made it to San Jose we hopped off of the bus to walk the rest of the way and I was finally able to get a picture with the SJO sign (check)!


On our way to the museum we passed some beautiful buildings (including the national theater!), statues, and fountains.

When we finally made it to the museum I was stoked.

It’s a beautiful building with a rich history. Unfortunately the first part of the museum (you know the part you have to go through to get to the rest of the museum?) was a butterfly garden. As much as I was terrified, it was beautiful and I got some pictures to share with you all.

We then continued through the rest of the museum, saw a lot of neat things, and learned a lot about the history and culture of Costa Rica.

If you didn’t know (because I didn’t!), Costa Rica’s first olympic medal was in swimming! Pretty cool, right?


Also, Ash and I the answer to the question: ¿Quiénes construyen la historia hoy? (Who builds history today?)


On the way out there was this fabulous spherical rock that I needed to climb and take a picture with.

After the museum we walked to a pizza restaurant called The Corner for lunch! Ash had found it online and the only poor review the place had was one man who was rather upset that they put tomato on his margarita pizza. On the walk we saw other interesting and beautiful things and even passed by China Town!

Lunch was incredible–Lisette and I shared a Hawaiian Pizza with mushrooms on it.


We sat around for awhile, ate, and talked until it was time to head to the bus stop to make our way back to Heredia so that Sandeep and I could meet with our class at 3:30 to make up and practice our dance routine for our final project tomorrow. That went swimmingly and soon enough I was back home to shower, eat, and go to bed early!

Until tomorrow!
Pura Vida





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