Day 21

August 5, 2017

Hola, a todos!

My first day in Costa Rica without the majority of my Summer IV Sol-Mates feels incredibly strange as MaKayla, Callie, Heidi, Leslie, and I started our journey to Jacó this morning.  Before leaving the house I had to say goodbye to my roommate Sarah who is leaving at 11 today–I am going to miss her!


The five of us met at the bus stop across from the university at 7:45 to take a bus from Heredia to the bus station in San Jose where we would catch our bus to Jacó.

We made it to the bus station, boarded our bus and were off without a hitch. Once we were almost in Jacó I started watching our location on my google maps (which I just realized you can use without using wifi or data) and I realized that we had passed where our Air BNB for the night was going to be and the part of the map that said “Jacó”.

Callie pulled the wire and we got off of the bus, only to see the bus turn down the street we were going to turn down to head to our destination. Oh well, better to have been safe and gotten off than to have risked the bus continuing straight and ending up even further away, right? Once off the bus we got ourselves together and headed toward the beach to take the scenic route back toward our Air BNB. We walked along the ocean each with only a backpack and some of us a purse and it felt incredibly freeing, not being weighed down by “stuff”—I finally realize how people go backpacking for Europe (even though my backpack was only for the weekend, not a month or more!).

We walked along the beach taking in the sight of the ocean, which I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like, taking in the fresh air, and the freedom of being in a foreign country with just these four other girls, no large group of fourteen/fifteen, no directors, just us. We walked until we reached a road that lead up to Más x Menos (a grocery store). We headed up the road and stopped at a cute little restaurant/soda shop to get a cold drink and change into our bikinis after our long (hot) walk on the beach.


After our refreshments, we continued up to the grocery store where we bought some food for lunch. We split some lunchmeat and cheese and I got some mamón chino for myself (I’m only kind of obsessed with it) and then we headed back for a picnic on the beach.


We spent the rest of the day on the beach enjoying the ocean and the sun until it was time to go check-in to our Air BNB.

When we had just decided to start walking toward where we would be staying for the night, it of course started to rain. So, all of us being the innovative, independent women we are built a tent our of umbrellas and rain jackets to put our stuff under so it wouldn’t get wet in the rain. I for one was very proud and impressed of our little tent.


Once the rain let up we left the beach to head toward our home for the night. The walk was longer than we had expected but we got to see some beautiful murals along the way.

We eventually ended up at the condiminios San Agustin, got our key and were able to go to our room, get showered, put down our things, and relax. Once we were all showered and a little rested, we called a cab to take us back to Más x Menos to get supplies for dinner. We had decided on spaghetti and garlic bread for our feast. We got our food and headed back to our condo to make dinner. I was in charge of the meat sauce, Heidi the pasta, Callie chopping the onion and garlic, Leslie grating the garlic for the garlic bread, and MaKayla making the garlic bread (all of course while listening to Disney music)! Talk about teamwork! Once dinner was all ready we sat down around our table to enjoy our feast—and it was delicious.

After dinner we cleaned up and sat down to play some Evil Apples, the app most similar to the game Cards Against Humanity, and spent the rest of the night relaxing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Until tomorrow’s adventure in Jacó,
Pura Vida

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