Day 23

August 7, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was the first day of new classes at the Universida Latina de Heredia. We met outside at 8 o’clock to split up into our classes and meet the only new-comer for Summer V—Jimmy! There are now only 16 of us here for the Summer V session and the halls of the university are way too quite! I’m really missing my Sol-Mates who have made their way back home and my roommates!

After our quick little meeting it was off to class. For these two weeks, I am taking a jammed packed course on Latin American Literature from 8-12:30 every morning. As much as I liked taking Advanced 1, I am so happy to be in lit. I love literature and could not be happier with my class and my professor seems very nice.

After classes were out the group of 5 of us remaining from summer IV met up to figure out which day we get to do the cooking class again (I’m going tomorrow!) and to sign up for a tour of San José. We figured out the plan for the week and we were off for home to eat some lunch. Heidi and I walked home together—but our walk just isn’t the same without Sarah, Kailey, and Chloe. Once I was home I ate some lunch and then came upstairs to catch up on my blog, do some homework, and various other things I have to take care of, so today is a lazy, listen to the rain/storm, get things done kind of day!

Until tomorrow, which will without a doubt be more exciting,
Pura Vida

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