Day 24

August 8, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was yet another good day. We started off the day walking to class with Oso as usual. I recorded our walk to school today and I think he knew it because he was being extra talkative and showing off for the camera. He’s the cutest.


We got to school, enjoyed our four and a half hour long classes, and then met up for the cooking class! Since there is only one new comer for Summer V, we all got the chance to do the cooking class again–and just like the first time, we ate some great food and had a lot of fun.

Despite all of the learning and fun that I’ve had today, today is the day the homesickness has hit me. I’m really missing my family, friends, Shane, and the pool. I’m not sure if it’s just now hitting me because I’m tired from whitewater rafting on Friday and then spending the whole weekend in Jacó or if it’s just now hitting me hard because my roommates have left for the States. Either way, please send prayers and love!

Until tomorrow’s adventure,
Pura Vida

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