Day 25

August 9, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Sorry this post from August 9 is coming to you on August 16! It has been a CRAZY week per usual, the wifi has not been cooperative, and FaceTiming Mom and Shane every night ranks higher than a blog post. (SORRY!)

Anyway–Today was a great day full of adventures in Heredia! We started out the day with classes per usual. Oso made a scene in the middle of class today for some comic relief.
After classes I went home for lunch and then met back up with Callie and Leslie to go check out the fair going on in the central park of Heredia and the Yo Humano: All Bodies scientific exhibition with more than 200 prepared anatomical human beings… (more on that in a second)

Before we headed to downtown Heredia we stopped at El Rey–my new favorite store in the entire universe. This store was literally a dollar store on drugs! It had anything you could need for really cheap. I was in heaven. There was an aisle for clothes, then for toiletries, baby stuff, household appliances, kitchen appliances, dishes, pet supplies, construction-type-stuff (hard hats, vests, tools), cleaning products, exercise equipment, school supplies, books, literally everything (except camels. I asked Shane on the phone tonight to name something and I was sure that this store had it and his first guess was camels…). THERE WAS A WHOLE AISLE AND A WHOLE BACK WALL OF CROCS! Sorry if you couldn’t care less, but I was amazed.

After our thrilling adventure in El Rey we took a taxi into Heredia because it had started raining. By the time we made it to the central park it had pretty much cleared up. We walked around through the tents they had set up in the central park and browsed through the merchandise.

While we were in the central park I managed to get a pretty cool picture of the central park itself with its fountain, gazebo and the Inmaculada Concepción church.


We then made our way to the human bodies exhibition which my mamá tica kept boasting as “beautiful”… My mamá tica and I have different definitions of beautiful, and it’s definitely not a language barrier problem. The exhibition was incredible, don’t get me wrong, but dead bodies just aren’t my thing–my sister would have loved it! We were able to see just about every organ and system in the human body, it was pretty incredible–kind of creepy and disgusting–but incredible! Although we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside I got a picture with each of the giant head statues outside.

The most notable part of the day came as we were leaving the exhibition. We were walking toward the exit through a courtyard in the center of the building when we walked past a window that looked into a room full of people. Inside we saw a man who appeared to be crushing something up and putting it into lines on a mirrored tray… This is where it got weird. There was on the screen projected behind him a message about gold, the element Au, being dangerous if it comes into contact with the eyes or skin but having grand effects on beauty when ingested (don’t fact check me, I’m just relaying what the screen said). After reading the screen Leslie and I looked at each other completely puzzled as we realized this man had crushed up gold, lined it up as was going to snort it. We turned back and watched as he ripped a dollar in half (a US dollar) rolled it up, and snorted a line of gold. This took the cake for the most bizarre thing I have seen and will see in Costa Rica.

We left the exhibition feeling incredibly confused about what we had just witnessed… So we went to get ice cream–because what can’t ice cream fix?


After our chocolate needs were satisfied we hit up la casa de la cultura de Heredia, where we had stopped on our first week in Costa Rica, to check out the new art that had been put in the gallery there.


All in all, it was an incredible and incredibly strange day.

Until tomorrow!
Pura Vida

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