Day 26

August 10, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today, Oso and I waited outside for Heidi so that we could all walk to school together.


Once we made it to the university we had class and then met up in the cafeteria to go to a local elementary school to volunteer! We ate our sack lunches in the cafeteria and then were off.

The school itself was much different than the schools in the United States but the kids are the same, happy, running around, laughing balls of energy as they are in the States.

We made it just in time for recess so we got to do a little running around before it was time to get to work.


The class we were in today was an English class and the kids were making cards for their moms for mother’s day (which is next week here). We had a ton of fun helping the kids make their cards and helping them to translate what they wanted to say in Spanish into English on the cards. The cards themselves were adorable and a great idea. We had the students write a message in a heart on their paper then covered that heart with some laminate paper and then painted over the laminate paper so that when the paint is scratched away it will reveal the message. Totally adorable.

The cards and today were successes and lots of fun, and the kids reminded me of the kids I help out at Iglesia!

After our afternoon at the school Heidi, Callie, MaKayla and I made our way to San José to buy our bus tickets to Playas del Coco for the weekend. What should have been a 30 minute MAXIMUM trip to the bus station turned into a two hour long bus ride and then walk to the station. When we finally got to the station it looked as if it had closed. Feeling completely defeated and bus ticket-less we walked over to the entrance to double check–and thank God the ticket window was still open! We purchased our tickets and then took a taxi back to Heredia, refusing to deal with buses again (at lease until tomorrow).

When I finally made it home for the evening mamá tica had dinner ready for me and had a surprise for Meow. I’m not sure if I have written about Meow yet, so here is a brief explanation. Meow is a stray cat that mamá tica feeds and he comes inside the house sometimes if the door is open to let her know that he is hungry. She is terribly allergic to cats but is seriously the sweetest woman I have ever met (she doesn’t even like to kill huge spiders when they’re in the house–all the spiders are named Charlie). Anyway, my kind hearted mamá tica bought cat food for Meow today, and he was very grateful. I am so lucky to have been placed with such a kind, caring and loving family here.

Until tomorrow,
Pura Vida

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