Day 27

August 11, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was a pretty average/boring day, but sometimes you need those to take you to your next adventure! Our next adventure is a weekend in Playas del Coco in Guanacaste to snorkel, enjoy the beach and our final weekend in Costa Rica and to check off the seventh and final province of Costa Rica that we have visited!

We started off the day with classes, having brought our bags for the weekend with us. The view of the mountains was incredibly clear and beautiful this morning.


After class we ran the the mall to get some snacks for the bus (including Dr. Pepper which Callie and I had been dreaming about all week) and made our way to San Jose.  We probably should have been a little quicker in the grocery store. While we were on the bus time ticked by and before we knew it we only had 15 minutes to make it to the bus for Playas del Coco. We jumped off the bus we were on, ran to find a taxi, took the SLOWEST taxi in San José to the bus station and made it on the bus just in time. We sat down on the bus thankful to have made it in time, hearts still pounding, and enjoyed our cold Dr. Peppers.

The bus ride was a long one but it will be well worth it!

Until tomorrow,
Pura Vida

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