Day 30

August 14, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today is my last Monday in Costa Rica and I have such mixed feelings! I of course want to come home to those I love, the food I miss, and where I can flush my toilet paper, but I love it here.

Today we had class and then met to go to a little market in San José that sells the products from the eight indigenous groups in Costa Rica, . It was a really neat little shop with a great story trying to help out these indigenous people.

We were all pretty tired from our weekends so after Chietón̈ morén̈, we stopped by the other market in San José to buy the last of our souvenirs before taking the train back home.

Once we made it back, Leslie, Heidi and I ran to the flower shop in the mall to pick up some flowers for our mamás ticas because tomorrow is Mother’s Day here! I wrote up a quick little card and left it with the flowers on the counter for my mamá tica to see when she got home.


For being a pretty short, pretty uneventful day, I’m exhausted!

Until tomorrow’s adventure,
Pura Vida


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