Day 31

August 15, 2017

It was another day full of adventure! We didn’t have class today because it was Mother’s Day so we took advantage of the day off and set off for Volcán Irazú!

We met at the bus stop by the mall at about 6:30 because there is only one bus from San José up to the volcano and back, so we didn’t want to miss it! Before Heidi and I left home we ran into some adorable little chicks outside of our houses!


Our bus from San José left at about 8:00 and since we arrived a little after 7:00 we had some time to walk around and enjoy early morning San José. We found this incredible mural and stopped at a McDonalds so Heidi, MaKayla, and Jimmy could grab some coffee and breakfast.


When it was time, we headed over to the bus stop and boarded the bus. It was about a two and a half hour ride up the mountain.


You could tell we were getting higher and higher because it kept getting cooler and cooler on the bus. I was so excited for the cool fresh air, I haven’t been cold once since I’ve been here and I honestly kind of miss it!

We spent the morning enjoying the volcano, its rocks, its altitude and its craters.

(The floor is lava!!! Well, not anymore…)


For our lunch we climbed up the side of the volcano so that we could have a picnic with a view. Jimmy and I went first and we eventually convinced MaKayla and Heidi to come up and join us. And what a view it was!

It was an incredible day off of exploring a volcano that was pretty close to home! We took the bus back down the mountain and again took in the fresh air and incredible sights.

Once we made it back down into town we had to get off of the bus we had came on and board another bus back to San José. Once we made it back there it was onto another bus for Heredia and then finally home to shower, eat dinner, and do homework!

Until tomorrow (which will hopefully be a recovery day–I’m pooped!),
Pura Vida

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