¡Que Chiva!-Written on the way to Costa Rica


Written yesterday on the plane from Miami to Costa Rica:

Well, this is really happening. Happily, left my winter coat with my family back in snow-covered Kentucky. Currently on the final leg of my journey to Costa Rica. I am sitting next to a lovely couple from San Jose. ¡Que Suerte! They are so kind. Not only did they help me with my customs form they patiently listened to my Spanish and carried on a conversation all about Costa Rica. I was so grateful for this blessing. I learned a phrase. ¡Que chiva! (Pronounced “cheeba”) It means “awesome” or “how cool” and can be used in place of it. And I was introduced officially to Pura Vida. The phrase that is a trademark of Costa Rica and can mean hello, goodbye or life is good. Hoping I get to experience some of the places they recommended.

I am so excited. Estoy emocionada. This is real. Today, I interacted with several nice people. One said a prayer before his McDonalds Breakfast and we sparked a conversation; I met a lady and her small dog (luna). They were from Puerto Rica on the way to visit her daughters family in Miami. A stewardess on my second flight had a ring that I complimented. The piece of jewelry was from Peru. Eventually, our conversation got to Costa Rica. Having been their twice he shared some tips and recommendations from his experiences.  This trip has been nothing but good. Praise the Lord for all these blessings.  Next to San Jose and finally to Heredia.


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