It’s Wednesday: Midweek update


So far, we’ve had three Spanish classes, two excursions, ate at least 18 different types of fruit, and learned how to take a bus. We now know one another’s names. As we become acquainted with Costa Rica, we are becoming familiar with each other as well. Even if you have asked someone the same question in Spanish about three times its okay. You laugh and try again, stumbling through the conversation. I for one am loving every minute of stumbling. We have spoken a lot of Spanish and I learn new words almost every minute of every day. The Spanish dictionary app is my best friend. God bless the makers because it doesn’t need Wifi. Conversations include a lot of self-correction and help from others. Class is a bit more formal, as far as the process of learning goes but still has the amiable atmosphere.

My professor, Adriana, is very witty, kind, and excellent at teaching. She has an understanding of what we need to learn. I mean she is really phenomenal (and patient).  Class is very interactive like we are all sharing a big conversation. We had homework that included reading current events and writing a mini-biography about a famous person. On Monday, we had a placement exam, but our first official exam is tomorrow morning. It has two parts a written and oral portion. We will be tested on the verbs ser and star, and the use of past perfect and imperfect tenses. Hoping all goes well. Everyone in class seems serious about wanting to really learn. It is refreshing to be in a classroom where 100 % of the students want to be there, want to learn, and are trying their best. Also, though we are at different levels it is not a competition. We’re all on the same team.

Sometimes my mind is not sure which language I want it to process information with. A few times I have been saying something in English and it doesn’t make sense. However, this is all part of the process. One quote I like is “Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world”. So even though there are tests and bumps along the way I am exploring a new world. I love this new world. There are novel colors, tastes, and people.  I am still being introduced but it’s a great adventure.

Soon to come a post about mi familia tica 😊

Pura Vida


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