Packing for the upcoming semester

How do you prepare for a semester abroad, let alone a semester abroad with two different seasons?

Well, tonight I’m not much help in the clothes department, but I will be sharing some more meaningful items that I am bringing. Why am I ‘wasting space’ in my suitcase with the following? Personal items are important, and definitely not a waste of space. Sometimes, you just need a little something to keep your mind occupied and remind you of home. Plus, items are always great for telling stories to host families and friends! All of my items are quite small- note: packable- and each has a story or importance. Read on…


So, starting off with image uno, you can see:

  • Pictures/picture posters- decorations, to show host family, pleasant reminders!
  • Pens and pencils- can’t go wrong with these 🖉
  • A planner
  • Sticky notes (lifesavers!)
  • A little music box 𝅘𝅥𝅮
  • A fidget cube
  • Special letters from friends and family 💕
  • Stickers!
  • washi/assorted tape- it always comes in handy
  • a tiny pack of playing cards from Richie Wang  🂡
  • Journals
  • Battery-powered string lights 🌟
  • Quote decorations made by a dear friend
  • A stuffed animal- meet Buttercup! 🐇
  • A few blank cards- I love to write letters 😉 hint hint

Next, in image dos I have some more practical items:

  • SNACKS- always a necessity for me when travelling
  • a cushy pillow
  • a power bank- you never know when you might need your phone, only to discover that it is out of battery 😧
  • a camera
  • bags- never underestimate how useful an extra bag can be (a quick trip, for carrying during the day, when going shopping…)
    • these bags roll up and smush easily!
  • Travel size items- pack a toothbrush in your carry on
Last, but not least, image tres!
  • Passport- don’t you dare forget this if you’re travelling abroad 😅
    • + any other important documents (copies, insurance card, etc.)
  • Technology + any chargers
    • an international adapter!
  • Small carry-on size items to use until you get settled and can buy toiletries
  • Any medications you might need
    • Check to make sure you can bring your prescription meds with you, and if so, bring enough for the WHOLE time
  • Tissues- gotta love them
  • A dictionary
    • Can come in handy for classes!
That’s all for now! Generally, pack light, don’t bring something if you don’t need it, and get ready to make lots of memories 😊 Sol’s website has tons of helpful information for students too! Packing may be stressful (it certainly is for me), but remind yourself of the upcoming adventure, and enjoy time with friends and family before you depart!
T-3 days

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