La primera semana!

A lot has happened since I have arrived in Spain on the 22nd: multiple flights, a great seat partner on the long flight- buen viaje Sergio if you’re reading this!- meeting my host family and roommate, orientation, ending up sick, and discovering the hermosa ciudad de Granada…


Granada from above


Madrid lit up at night

Although seemingly small, Granada is full of incredibly rich culture and history. Apartments lie above tiendas (stores) and restaurants, and walking is the main form of transport. It can get chilly during the morning and evening, but is often quite warm during the day. There has been a drought for about a year, but fortunately it has rained the past two nights. Don’t forget your walking shoes or a jacket!

Sol is wonderful! The directors are so kind (muchas gracias) and orientation has been quite helpful. They have organized multiple activities for us each week, and are amazing people 🙂

This week has been a ton of ‘firsts’ and new things. It has been a lot to get used to, and quite difficult, but worth it. For instance, the organization of time; it makes lots of sense per meal times, and is just something to get used to:

  • Morning- el desayuno al almuerzo; 7-2 pm ish
  • Afternoon- al almuerzo a la cena; 2-9 pm ish,
    • most shops are closed for lunchtime
  • Night- depués de la cena; 9 pm ish…

I have really enjoyed the food! I have celiac disease, so what I eat is a bit different, but it’s delicious- lots of verduras (vegetables), queso (cheese), pintos (beans) y fruta (fruit)- Mediterranean cuisine. My roomate also has celiac, and our host parents are fabulous cooks. My host family is wonderful beyond words- muchas gracias a mi familia anfitriona!! I have a host mom, dad, roommate, and my host mom’s sweet mom also lives here. Their grandchildren (muy lindos) also come over some days. I love being immersed in Spanish, and have learned so much already.

No pasa nada = It’s a bit like “it’s all good”

Vale = okay

Some pics are below!!

Gorgeous murals by now famous artist:

 La fuente de Granada (2nd above)

(Last above) Courtyard of Building K- a building where I might have some of my classes. It used to be a palace! DON’T eat the oranges…they’re posionousLeft: the Alhambra and Sierra Nevadas

 Above, city views from the Albaicín neighborhood.

Classes start next week in the building pictured above- the CLM (Centro de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Granada); for now, our group is exploring the city and getting to know one another better. We’re a big group, and are from many different places throughout the U.S.- I can’t wait to see where our adventures take us next through the streets of Granada.


Hasta luego,


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