Mi Familia Tica

It has been just over two weeks since I have arrived in Costa Rica to live for the next three months with a host family and study at the local University Latina de Heredia. Therefore, it’s high time I introduce my lovely tico family. Our home is filled with a lot of love, laughter, and congeniality.

My Mama Tica is a selfless beautiful woman who loves her husband, adult children, grandkids, pets, and her sol students. She loves our 3 small dogs Choco, Dulce, and Muñeca They love her too and always miss her even if she is gone for only an hour or two.  Not only does she cook for us and makes the house home she takes time to sit down with us and talk during breakfast every morning. She is so sweet.  Papa Tico is humble, amiable, talkative and, like mama tica, servant-hearted. Though he is retired he always willingly helping around the house. Papa Tico also loves music. Almost every day he spends some time practicing guitar or playing the keys. Yesterday he taught himself how to tune the guitar and capo it to sound like a Ukulele. Papa Tico also allows me to practice guitar on his instrument which I really appreciate. Mama tica laughs a ton and always is smiling; Papa tico enjoys talking and I enjoy conversing with him. The other night Mama tica said that between the two of them he does the talking and she does the laughing. He calls her his angel; they are such a sweet example of an honoring and loving marriage.

Papa Tico and Mama Tica have a son and a daughter. Both are married and have children. The son lives down the street so he is often over for dinner. His family just got back from the beach so I have gotten to know his wife and young son very well yet. Pris and her husband Johan live with us along with their 3-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter. Johan’s parents live across the street so the family is close in proximity as well as being close-knit.

Though the family is so united it is cool to have diversity in age and personality under one roof. It’s great to have so many unique people to practice Spanish with who. In dialog, each has their own speed, rhythm, and style of speaking. I have found it helps with listening too. Some family members talk faster than others or enunciate more. I enjoy having conversations with every family member.

In addition to the dogs, we have a calico cat named Minina. I find joy in having the pets at home who are always happy to let you love on them.

I get to share our wonderful host family with another Solmate, Caroline who is from North Carolina. It is fun to have a companion who is going through the same program. It’s also helpful when your housemate knows the vocabulary you are trying to use during a dinner conversation 😊.  Some of my favorite moments so far have been around the table here in our home. Excited to continue sharing this adventure with these people.

Thank you, Jesus, for all these blessings.

This week in addition to classes we are going to a fairtrade market of handcrafted goods, visiting the national museum in San Jose, and on Saturday touring a coffee plantation/production company.

Pura Vida, my friends!

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