Daily Life

What’s it like to live in Spain? Here’s a snapshot of my daily life 🙂

streets of Granada
There are murals everywhere!
Don’t drink from water that says ‘agua no potable’
so many places to discover…

Natural resources are incredibly important and quite expensive in Spain! Granada has been in a drought for about a year now, but fortunately it has rained heavily a few nights that I have been here. Check out these informative posters that my host mom has!


I sleep in this lovely room with my roommate (see pic). One thing I must rave about is the shoe dresser!!! What’s a shoe dresser? Only the most fabulous thing ever!!!

My bed in the forefront
Shoe dresser!!

The apartment is very nice, and my host family is wonderful! They have una terraza (a terrace) with lots of beautiful plants.

I wake up, eat breakfast, and then (most days) head to class. It’s not too far of a walk, but I try to leave early. Before classes began, we had a level test (de nivel). Levels range from 1-9:

  • 1-4 = classes in English
  • 5-6 = classes in Spanish
  • 7-9 = classes in Intensive Spanish

While this exam was nerve wracking, it helped to determine what level we would be placed in for courses- there are also different programs (CLCE, CEH…). A week later, our classes started!

  • Curso = all of your classes as a whole- so, I am in the CLCE cursos
  • Asignatura = specific class subject (History…)
First day of classes!
 After my morning classes are over, I head back home for lunch. If I have time before, I might stop to shop for some necessities or relax in a park. Once lunch is over, I usually relax at home, head out for a walk, or go straight to work on homework. Later, I have dinner and spend time with my wonderful host family.

On a complete side note, here, doorknobs are in the centers of doors! Also, to have light when you walk up/down the stairs at night, you have to press a switch (interruptor o aplique) to have light on each floor. After a certain amount of time, the lights go out.

During mi tiempo libre, I spend time with friends, go out for snacks, Skype, write letters, crochet, or explore even more of the city!

GF hot cocoa
definitely my favorite soda

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve been here, but there is always more to discover… ¡Qué guay!


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