Catching up…

My walk on the way to school

Hi everyone! So, last week was our first full week of classes. It was a bit stressful, but relieving to fall into a schedule again. This weekend, we travelled to Sevilla and Cordoba (future blog post). Tonight, I’m going to catch up a bit on daily life and some fun things that happened last week!

Sierra Nevadas
Sierra Nevadas

During Semana Santa (Holy Week), most, if not all, schools in Europe are on Spring Break. A friend and I have been trying to plan a trip to a neighboring country. After lots of help from her fuzzy housemates, especially the puppy…

The pup

…we planned a trip to Copenhagen- Denmark here we come! It was a difficult, lengthy affair that involved numerous plans, but I’m so happy one plan came together in the end.

Later that day, something absolutely unprecedented happened in the city of Granada- IT SNOWED! Those of you currently experiencing snowstorms may be unimpressed, but here it’s a really really really big deal! It snows in the mountainous areas here, but rarely/never in the city itself. My roommate and I were so excited that we danced outside on the balcony as the snow fell 😄

On Tuesday, Alison and I headed out on another adventure: ice skating! After a bit of a walk and a few wrong turns, we found ourselves at Don Patín, the local ice skating rink. Skating was so much fun!! It was a bit more difficult than one might imagine because the skates were hockey skates, not traditional ice skating, but we would definitely go again.

PSA on Tuesdays, there’s a deal: for 4 euros, you gain admission, public skating for an hour, and skates.

A few days this week, I holed up in cafes seeking warmth and doing homework. In the process, I may have succumbed to purchasing some delicious hot chocolate, which was definitely worth it!

Look- the city is all decorated for día de San Valentín!

Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

~J 💝

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