Hi everyone!

So, this week has been a week of classes, more classes, and…intercambios! What’s an intercambio? An intercambio is when native speakers of different languages who are also interested in learning other languages get together to practice speaking and comprehension. For example- I’m a native English speaker learning Spanish, and I spoke with native Spanish speakers learning English! It’s a pretty neat way to meet lots of different people!

There are lots of different ways to find intercambios- search online for intercambios near you! This week, I went to one organized by Sol at The Globe, and another organized by the CLM. Both were great experiences, and I plan on attending more in the future!

Photo creds: Edu
Photo creds: Edu

Why go to an intercambio? Well, it’s a great way to meet new people and practice languages!

At the Globe (my favorite intercambio thus far), I learned a new word that’s from Granada:


What on earth does that mean? Well, from what I understand, it’s a term Spaniards outside of Granada use to refer to a stereotype of a person from Granada. It connotes someone who is of bad humor/grumpy. I must say, it is a rather comical description, but I have not found it particularly accurate 😂

That’s all for now! 💓 ~J

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