Weekly update!

Hola a todos!

Last week was a whirlwind- here’s a recap with lots of pretty pictures 😊

  • On Monday, my friend Caroline and I took a picteresque hike through Sacromonte to the Mirador de San Nicolas right before sunset. It was absolutely phenomenal… We took lots of pictures, ate sandwiches for dinner, and enjoyed the view.

A man was playing guitar and singing traditional music- enjoy!

Some cute pics with Caroline! We also found our way to an ice cream shop- helado cada día 🍦

As it got darker, the picture quality deteriorated, but the view remained breathtaking.

You could see the city lights glinting in the distance…

After that, we headed back down to the city center and met our friend Jordan to attend an intercambio. At the intercambio, we met 3 lovely Spanish girls! Hopefully we can spend time together again 😊


  • Tuesday was a pretty average day: classes, homework, etc. However, my friend Alison and I did discover our new favorite cafe: Toma Té Pan! It’s absolutely darling, has wifi, and lots of places to sit and do homework 🍨

Alison’s hot chocolate and my milkshake!
  • On Wednesday, Sol planned a lovely food tasting. Francisco, the gastronomist, was quite knowledgable and the food was delicious!
    • Some of my favorites included:
      • guisantes con cebollas y aceite de ajo (peas with onion and garlic olive oil)
      • fresas con vinagre y nata (strawberries with a vinegar and cream sauce)
      • batatas (sweet potatoes!)
      • pan con una ensalada de aguacate y tomates (bread with an avocado and tomato salad)
      • todos los tipos de queso (all the cheese!!!)
      • diferentes tipos de aceite (different types of olive oil)
Here are some cute pictures one of our Sol director’s, Edu, took during the event- all the photo credits go to her!

Francisco is in the center!
  • We had classes Thursday and Friday, so not much happened those days. I’m catching up on writing letters, homework, internship applications and- hopefully- planning a trip to Barcelona in the spring…
That’s all for now!
~ J

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