GF food tips- Granada, Spain

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I have celiac disease. What does this mean? Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease. It can occur at any point in a persons’ lifetime- some people are more susceptible than others (other autoimmune disorders, genetics…), but overall the cause is unknown. I can’t consume products containing wheat gluten, rye, barley, malt, and some oats. If I do, I get very sick for approximately a week…it isn’t pretty…and no, I can’t cheat.

Today I wanted to recommend some food places that I have had good experiences with gf food at in Granada, Spain 😄

  • First, grocery shopping! Any college student knows that snacks are a necessity…
    • The Corte Inglés has a whole aisle of gf snacks aka my heaven
    • Most Mercadona’s have loaves of gf sandwich bread
    • Most corner stores have chips and assorted candies
      • Be cautious! Just because a brand is gf in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s gf abroad
        • On a side note, a lot of European chocolate has wheat 😦
          • If a product has trigo, gluten, centeno, cebado, or, in some cases avenas on the ingredient list, it isn’t gf
  • Cafés
    • Coffee is a go to
      • If it’s more than just coffee, you’re better safe than sorry asking
        • ¿Tiene gluten?
    • For the hot chocolate lover, make sure to ask!!
      • Nesquik chocolate powder mix is gf in Europe- a lot of the others are not
    • I would definitely recommend M. Isla! They have gf desserts, bread, and food, some of which are stored in a separate case. They don’t have a website, but they do have a Facebook page. Just make sure to order one of the desserts from the separate case if you’re highly sensitive to gluten!
      • Here’s their address:

Calle Músico Vicente Zarzo

Granada, Spain

  • Are you craving churros?
    • I have seen gf frozen ones in the freezer case at Corte Inglés
    • A friend, Paige, also recommended a place called King Churro that’s in a massive shopping mall- I’m definitely going to try it at some point…
      • Here’s their website
      • Gracias Paige!
  • Tapas are hit or miss
    • Cheese and meat are winners if you make sure to ask for no bread 🧀
  • I will be completely honest- I have yet to really ‘go out- go out’ to eat.
    • However, I have tried Telepizza and highly recommend it!
      • Ask for pizza sin gluten when you go 🍕

A lot of restaurants include allergen symbols on their menu- they look like this:

Overall, it’s always better to ask than to assume that a food is okay to eat. I learned the hard way with German jam- who puts flour in jam?! Depending on how sensitive you are/the person you are with is to gluten, it may also be important to pay attention to how/where the food is prepared: Is it on an uncleaned surface that previously had a wheat product on it? Is it fried in the same oil as something with gluten? Is it toasted in the same toaster as wheat bread? The list goes on…

Moral of the story- better safe asking than sorry later.

Know of any resources/gf friendly places? Share them in the comments!

Hope this was helpful for some of you!

Buen provecho,


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