Arab Baths and Weekly Summary!

On Tuesday, Sol organized an excursion to the Arab Baths- a Hamman. It was quite a unique, relaxing experience. Before we entered, Edu explained the history of the baths and bath etiquette. The baths were enjoyed by women and men seperately in the past- certain days were devoted to certain clients. In the baths, the rich and poor were equal- indiviudals of all social classes bathed together, enjoying a time of socialization, business in the case of men, and relaxation.

Upon entering, you changed into a swimsuit, stored your shoes and clothes in a locker, and then walked over to the baths. The baths were quite steamy and the room was filled with an aromatic scent. There were about 9 baths in the hamman we went to- each with water of varying temperatures: some quite hot, others of medium temperatures, and an icy pool. To cleanse your body, you were supposed to enter each of the baths for a short period of time and change to baths of varying temperatures every so often. The baths were steamy and immersed in a calm atmosphere inteneded to promote relaxation.

Rich Arabic tea was served alongside sweet candy drops, and each attendee was offered a massage- piernas o espalda (legs or back). During the massage, aromatic oil was spread across your skin and massaged in calming movements. Afterwards, showers alongside the baths allowed you to rinse excess oil off of your skin. I do not have any pictures of the experience, but I would highly recommend looking some up! Click here to see some general google pics.

Since then, this week has been buzzing with activity. In the CLM (where I attend classes), a movie is being filmed! We were all quite surprised when we found a film crew setting up early Wednesday morning in the CLM. It turns out that a filmmaker who studied in the CLM in the past requested permission to film parts of the film in the university. We’re still rather unsure what it’s about and if it’s a movie, documentary, you name it, but we do know that the production is called ‘Granada Nights.’

Spring has been arriving over the past few weeks in Granada- this week was quite cold and rainy, but here are some flower pics to brighten up your day!

That’s all for now- this weekend there is a craft fair, which I’m super excited to see, and free events/concerts offered through a city-wide celebration: la Noche en Blanco.

💜 ~J

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