Craft Fair, Board Games & la Noche en Blanco

Friday afternoon started with a fun adventure to a games cafe! The cafe is called Continental Cafe Pub and is a pretty neat place- click here for their website. Once you enter and order a drink, you can head over to the game bookshelf near the counter and select any game of your choice. Many of the games are in Spanish, but it’s still a fun time! We definitely plan to go back- the place becomes packed, so plan to come early if you have a big group.

look at the best friends I made!!

Saturday morning, Alison and I headed out to explore a crafts fair exhibition- thank you for letting us know about it, Edu!! The exhibition site was quite a hike, but well worth the visit. Imagine a massive fairground building filled with individual stalls, an exhibition hall, and a seating area…it was enormous! Little shops selling crafting and sewing materials, handmade items, and more filled the hall- it was a dream come true (can you tell I like crafts??)… Enjoy the pictures!

making lace
more lace!
fashion show with handmade dresses!
on the way to the fair

Saturday was also a day of celebration in Granada- la Noche en Blanco. It’s like a massive festival or fair mixed with concerts, dances, art stalls, bouncy houses, djs and more spread all across the city! Most businesses and attractions had special hours, and pretty much all museums, historical sites and events offered throughout the day were as well. Activities were designed for people of all ages 🙂 The streets were absolutely packed, and the festivities were in full swing throughout the day, particularly after lunch and into the night.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, and mostly involved catching up on sleep, finishing homework in the park, chatting with friends, and getting ready for the week!

Hasta luego!


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