El cortijo

On Saturday, our Sol group travelled through the outskirts of Granada to a small pueblo called Dúrcal, where Germán is from! There, we spent most of the day in his family’s cortijo- a small structure with a kitchen, a bathroom, and fields/gardens- learning how to cook some traditional Spanish dishes. Like what? Well, tortilla de patatas, arroz campero y barbacoa. La comida fue muy deliciosa y fue un placer de pasar un rato en la naturaleza! The weather was quite pleasant, so after cooking and feasting we went on a nice walk, relaxed, and later returned to Granada.

dentro del cortijo





Edu explained the irrigation system pictured below to us: water from the Sierra Nevadas runs through these trenches. The small door/paddle like objects you see allow water to enter in a farmer’s field. Due to water shortages, water is regulated in some pueblos. Thus, sometimes farmers agree upon a schedule- I get to open the door on Tuesdays, you get to on Wednesdays, etc.


Here are some wonderful pictures that Edu took as well- all the photo credits go to her 😊

Food prep!


Germán fueling the fire


tortilla de patatas


arroz campero

Since Friday, a book fair has been going on in the city center. It’s super neat to walk to school surrounded by stalls stacked with books…

Stay tuned for photos and stories from my upcoming trip to Madrid with Julia!

💛 ~J

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