Friday afternoon, Sol organized an amazing activity oriented around flamenco! ๐Ÿ’ƒ After hiking up to las cuevas de Sacromonte, we settled into our activity. The flamenco site we went to was unique in that it is family owned, and is actually where Michelle Obama went to see a show. She even signed one of the chairs!

Photo with Michelle Obama in it on back wall!

The first portion of the activity began with us learning a few basic steps. Skilled flamenco dancers taught each group. Interestingly, the rhythm of flamenco dances is generally slower than that of tangos, but is still incredibly complex.


Following the lesson, we saw an amazing flamenco performance. My photos and videos definitely do not do it justice… The dancer you see in a white dress is serving as a symbol of a gitana bride, and su novio-soon to be marido- dances with her.

Afterwards, we were treated to tapas and headed home. It has been quite hot in Granada since Wednesday- blech- but the evening was pleasant. As we headed home, Erin and I happened upon a free live concert, which was pretty neat!


Thursday night, I headed out for a small adventure of my own accord to see the Generalife gardens lit up at night. Seeing the illuminated gardens was a breathtaking experience that I would recommend to anyone who has the chance.

On the way to Generalife, I also encountered several gorgeous murals!

For my grammar class, last week we created slogans on a variety of topics. I found this one quite appropriate per our activity:

ยกVenga a bailar con Andalucia!

That’s all for now,

๐Ÿ’– ~J

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