Madrid, Día del Trabajadora, Día de la Cruz, los Vengadores, nuestro tiempo en Nerja y más…

Hola a todos!

It has been FOREVER since I posted…many apologies! I have exactly 12 days left in Spain and it has been a whirlwind of activities.

On April 28th, I travelled to Madrid with Julia! We took a night bus there and back, so it was quite a long but amazing day 😊 In the morning, we visited numerous monuments, investigated el parque del buen retiro (a must see), and wandered through several plazas. Madrid is significantly larger than Granada, and it was neat to take in the vibe of another Spanish city!

entrance to el retiro


el retiro


The Fallen Angel statue- literature!!


art exhibition in el retiro
Palacio de Cristal- el Retiro

el Retiro


El Oso y el Madrono


Plaza de Oriente




memorial commemorating fallen soldiers


These statues were all around the city


Do you see what I see? Granada!


Puerta de Alcalá


Seeing the RAE!!





city streets


part of the prado


Calle de Álvarez Gato

Afterwards, we headed to el Palacio Real de Madrid aka the Royal Palace. Buy your tickets in advance (student discounts!) and arrive early, as the line to enter is quite long. The interior of the palace is absolutely stunning: every room has its own theme, and all are ornately decorated. I would highly recommend a visit. 👑 Unfortunately, you cannot take picture in most of the palace, but I hope you enjoy these few pictures- Julia and I were in awe…plus we saw the changing of the guard!

Palacio Real











Upon completing our tour of the palace, we hopped on a- rather difficult to find- bus to travel to El Escorial- the historic residence of the king. El Escorial is located in another town outside of Madrid, and it takes approximately 1.5 hrs to get there by bus. The outlying town is absolutely gorgeous! It may be small, but it is filled with winding streets, old architecture, and gorgeous mountain scenery. El Escorial was another phenomenal sight filled with history and gorgeous art. I was surprised and thrilled to happen upon several famous works by Greco and other famous artists; they were breathtaking, and the History of Spanish Art class I’m taking enriched my understanding of the works.





mailboxes 📧




Overall, Julia and I loved Madrid! It’s one of those cities that people either hate or love, but is definitely worth a visit. We were in awe of the gorgeous monuments and older architecture of the city, as well as the extent of greenery and large parks. Unfortunately, we were unable to get tickets to visit the Prado, but I will be back for sure!







Small detail- all of the streets had small drawings corresponding to their names!


Chocolatería San Ginés


Known for its chocolate & churros! Open 24/7



Tuesday, May 1st was el Día del Trabajador. I was a bit under the weather, but it was interesting to take in the protests that marched through the city- one even came down my street!

Thursday the 3rd was Día de la Cruz, a religious holiday proudly celebrated in Granada. Colorful crosses made out of flowers, food- you name it, decorate plazas and terraces. My host mom’s granddaughter wore a flamenco dress to class and it women walked through the streets dressed in gorgeous flamenco attire. Interested in learning more? Read more here





On the 4th, my roommate and I celebrated our birthdays! She turned 20, and I turned 21 along with my twin back home (hi Nick!). Our host family purchased gf piononos for my roommate and I to try, we skyped our families, spent time with friends, and enjoyed the day. 🎂

gf churros with my friend Sara!




After that week of festivities, we started up classes again. I headed back for another doctors appointment, and…. I’m all done with PT for the rest of the semester! The rest of the week was comprised of studying with friends, prepping for finals, and rushing to escape the random downpours.

On Thursday, Sol offered the unique opportunity to see a movie at the theater in Spanish. Alison and I chose Inifinity War- los Vengadores! We were both pleasantly surprised by how much we understood, and greatly enjoyed the movie. It was a bit strange hearing different voices for the characters, but totally worth the new experience. 🎥


Last Saturday, Sol organized another excursion to Nerja, a resort town along la Costa del Sol. Someday, I plan to return to see the cuevas along the coast. The views from Nerja are breathtaking, and the water is incredibly blue, if not frigid! Make sure to pack sunscreen, your camera, and possibly sandals you can wear in the water for the rocky beach. We went on a gorgeous day and greatly enjoyed it! 🌊



Balcón de Europa- sometimes you can see Africa from here!




That’s all for now! This week is going to be packed with activities, studying for finals, and getting ready to return to the states. Hasta luego,

💖 ~J

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