Cafés de Granada

Hola a todos!

Finals and the end of the semester are quickly approaching, so in today’s post I’m going to talk about cafés throughout Granada- some with wifi, some with gf treats & others with amazing coffee. Why cafés? They’re great places to study and spend time with friends! If you’re interested in places with wifi or places open on Sundays, look for the bolded terms. Hint hint you’ll probably find me at some of these places during finals week…

  • Dulcimena
    • By far my favorite coffee place! Super rich coffee, kind owner, and away from city center. ⛾ CLM students- it’s in the Realejo barrio on the way to Edificio K 😊
  • Toma Té Pan
    • This is an absolutely adorable café that I have fallen in love with to study and relax. The owner is super nice and the smoothies are delicious, plus, there’s wifi!
  • Durán Barista
    • Located at the beginning of Paseo de los Tristes; it’s a good place to study!
      • tell them your name and get a cool design on your cappuccino!
  • M. Isla
    • Gf treats galore! This place is amazing for anyone with celiac disease and in general it has a pleasant ambience. Also, it’s open on Sundays!
  • Dulce y Salado
    • Cafetería pretty close to M. Isla that is also open on Sundays– plus, it has wifi! This is a great place for group projects.
  • Pannonia
    • Cute café with wifi near M. Isla that’s open for a short period of time on Sundays!
  • Café Fútbol
    • Well-known for its churros and located near city center. I’m personally a fan of the 1 euro tarrina del helado para llevar, but everyone has their preferences. If you go often, the waiters will get to know you… 😆
  • Coffee
    • This little café just opened up near the CLM- CLM students, you know the construction tunnel? Walk a tiny bit to the left and it’s right there! The owner is a young woman who is just starting her own business.
  • Bohemia Jazz Café
    • This is an amazing place to hang out with friends, and the interior is fabulously decorated! I would definitely recommend the ice cream 🍨
      • Students interested in intercambios: this café is close to Lemon Rock, which hosts intercambios weekly!
  • I Need…
    • In the Realejo barrio between Edificio A y K- it does have wifi and is open on Sundays!
  • El Piano
    • Located on a side street close to I Need, this restaurant has unique selections of food and treats. All of their food is vegan, gf, and nut-free. I’m partial to the chocolate cake 🎂
  • Continental Café Pub Granada
    • This café is probably not for you if you’re looking for a place to study, but if you’re interested in hanging out with friends and playing all kinds of board games, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a casual place, and there’s a bookshelf stacked with board games!
  • La Finca
    • Coffee place near the Cathedral!
  • d’etí Coffee and Cake
    • This little coffee shop has wifi and can be found by branching off from Dunkin Coffee in city center!
  • Café Baraka
    • This café is located close to d’etí Coffee and Cake, is dog-friendly, and also has wifi. It’s usually packed so I tend to avoid it, but some of my friends love it.
One place that I have yet to check out but am very interested in is…
  • La Qarmita
    • This library/bookshop/café looks pretty neat! Have you been there?
After reading this, do you notice any cafés in Granada you love that are missing? Let me know in the comments!
💖⛾ ~J

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