Perpective as a host sibling

Packing up for my trip to Costa Rica Spanish immersion program and feeling a bit apprehensive about mostly speaking Spanish for the next 3-4 weeks.  My family has hosted visiting students from both China and Japan and I remember how hard it was for these students to communicate while they were staying with my family.  The communication barrier was always a slight hindrance in preventing them from feeling relaxed and truly at ease.  My brothers, sister and myself tried to be extra friendly and helpful especially when the students first arrived at our home.  Usually our visiting students could read English but had a much harder time listening or speaking English.  Despite the language barrier, they had a great time in the United States experiencing what it was like to study in an American high school, visiting Boston landmarks, eating American food and even participating in high school sports. It was a true cultural exchange. They even cooked an Asian dinner for us on one of their last nights. I’m looking forward to the same type of cultural experience.  While I know it will be stressful at times, I’m hoping the adventure will be awesome.  Stay tuned for an update…..

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