Rico rico

Four days into the Spanish immersion experience with my new host family.  Happy to report that my host mom is a great cook.  One of my favorite meals is fried rice with chicken and veggies with sausage on the side.  I like the change of menu from what we eat in America.  Everything is fresh and not as much processed food as there is at home.  What is more interesting is my Costa Rican host family has a pet parrot who laughs with us, can bark like a dog and says “rico, rico” which means tasty!  In addition to the awesome parrot, there are 6 dogs and one is a German Shepard who we let out at night to “guard” the house.  It’s a bit different than living in a Boston suburb. The weather’s been humid but it cools down at night so even though there is no AC, it is pleasant sleeping temperature.

During our free time, my roommate and I found a gym about a 5 minute walk away.  We joined with a $35 monthly rate and have a crazy South African instructor who is all about “krag” which is an African term for “inner power”.  Need that inner power to work on my Spanish skills…..I’m getting better listening to conversations and understanding.  Now need to work on my verbal skills.  Adios…

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