La comida de Costa Rica

I’ve never been a picky eater, but at first glance, much of Tico cuisine seems peculiar and somewhat intimidating. However, once I tried Gallo pinto or mamones chinos or guaba, I became an instant aficionado of Costa Rican food. The servings are massive, but the food is fresh, and the meals never disappoint. Whether it is traditional Costa Rican food or a fusion of a more distinctly U.S. dish, the food is always “que rico”.

Here in Costa Rica, Breakfast and Lunch are taken very seriously. The portions are typically pretty large, so one can never go hungry. Bread and fresh fruit seem to accompany most meals. The fresh fruits are especially fantastic: pineapple, mango, guaba, papaya, etc. Additionally, each meal seems have either cafe’, fresco or te’. Eggs are ubiquitous in all meals, whether it is with lentil soup or Gallo pinto.

My favorite meals have been Gallo pinto with fresh avocado and tacos with fresh vegetables plus refried beans. Moreover, a lot of the food seems to be fried: platoons, yuca, eggs, vegetables, etc. Nonetheless, I am not complaining. With certainty, I can say I like the diet here much better than what I typically consume in the United States.

Overall, this awesome country has been home to some of the best cooked meals I’ve ever had. Sorry Mom!


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