Healthy Living: Bananas, Oils, Teas, & Juices

Almost everybody loves to travel, but one thing that most people don’t always think about while traveling is getting sick. I know I certainly did not plan for it. Sure, I packed all the medicines I thought I would need, but being sick in Costa Rica was not on my itinerary.

My day started out great! My host mom made my roommate and I this banana mash sauce that is put on top of waffles or pancakes. We both loved it so much that she offered to teach us how to make it! So, we went downstairs early for breakfast so that she could teach us. It was absolutely delicious, and I am so excited to make it for my friends and family back home!

However, by mid-afternoon I was not feeling so great, and by the evening I knew something was off. I was definitely feeling very nervous about the idea of being sick in a foreign country without any family here.

I told my host mom that I wasn’t feeling well, and she was immediately so sweet and so worried about me. She made me soup for dinner and had me eating breads and crackers. Before I went to bed, she brought me a cup of tea and brought up her oils. (Side note: I LOVE using essential oils back at home to put in my diffusers, but I had never used them on my skin as healing remedies before!). She rubbed the oils on my face, chest, belly, and on my pillow and described what the different scents were used for. I thought it was so sweet that she was taking such good care of me.

The next day, I still was not feeling that great, so I stayed home from the activities. Again, my host mom continued to check on me and bring more teas and oils up to my room to make sure I was doing okay. At lunch time, she made me more soup and had me drink a special juice. It’s made of rice, milk, and cinnamon (I think?). It was supposed to help calm my stomach. It had a weird taste, but it was definitely refreshing!

Later in the evening, I was feeling better, but still not up to par. Before bed, my host mom and I both did a shot of bicarbonates to help refresh our systems. It tasted SO BAD. My host mom was making fun of me because I couldn’t finish it all!

By the next day, I was feeling better!

I, of course, did not enjoy being sick; however, if I had to be sick while in Costa Rica, I’m really glad I was with my host family here. They definitely took really great care of me, and I am so thankful to have them!

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