Host Family in Costa Rica by William Sciales

My host family has been great. I live with two middle aged parents and their teenage daughter. The best part of my experience here has been these three people.  They are extremely friendly and are always excited to talk with me about anything.  They have a great sense of humor and are really fun to be around.  They live in a gated house in an alleyway with their dog Tara who is very small but loving and crazy.

A typical day for me is waking up at 7 and eating something light for breakfast like cereal with my host sister as well as my actual sister.  Our Mama Tica will either have a cold lunch prepared for us like sandwiches that we can take with us or we eat at home and something is prepared for us.  We have classes in the early morning to mid-afternoon and when we return our host family will always want to hear about our day and I enjoy talking to them about it.

Our Mama Tica makes us the best meals. We have a variety of different meals usually incorporating rice, pasta, and some kind of meat. The majority of food we eat is typical Costa Rican Food.

Some things to be aware of: The house might be smaller than you expect, depending on the family of course.  In our case, we are right in the city and we live in a smaller house in an alleyway. You walk right into the living room with a couch and television followed by a dining table and then into the kitchen. The house is rectangular shaped with three bedrooms on the side.  Although it is not a big house it is very comfortable and it has everything you need.  Another thing is bugs are more common in the household. For the most part the bedrooms are fine its only a few fruit flies in the fruit basket followed by an occasional moth in the living room.  Not much is done and it isn’t really a bother to anyone.

The rooms are very clean and tidy.  I like my bed however, my bed is on the firmer side.  You probably will not find a super soft mattress here.  As far as bathrooms, there is only one.  Because we generally all wake up at different times it never gets crowded and it’s not a problem.

My host family has been absolutely fantastic and they have really made this trip great.  The majority of my speaking practice has been with them and I recommend not confining yourself in your room all day.  Go to the living room and hangout with them. It’s a great way to get to know them better and practice your speaking and listening. It will also make you closer as a familia.

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