Tiempo ocupado en Costa Rica

Our group has been non-stop busy a week and half into the Costa Rica Spanish immersion experience.  Definitely lots of Spanish experiences to get us acclimated into the culture. First a funny scavenger hunt taking pictures at local establishments like a barber shop, ice cream store and shoe store got us out and about exploring the town of Heredia.  Later in the week, we visited a local school to practice our Spanish skills with the students. On Friday night, we went out in Heredia and learned that Karaoke is very popular night time activity at the bars.  It was fun to watch and try to sing in Spanish.  I think we are all getting more comfortable with our Spanish skills, my listening skills are definitely better as I can understand much more. Saturday was spent visiting Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  It is a tropical jungle unlike anything in the United States with access to one of the top beaches in the world.  Interestingly it is one of the smaller parks in Costa Rica but one of the most popular places to visit. I did notice the food and drinks are much more expensive at the park because it is more of a touristy area than the local town of Heredia. For our free night for dinner, I made a bad dinner choice of sushi which was not good.  I ended up with stomach issues and terrible headache on Sunday night into Monday.  Thankfully, I recovered and feeling much better on Tuesday.  Never fear if you are sick on your trip (which is not ideal), my host mom was very kind and I was back in action quickly.  I missed a day of “class” but was able to catch up. Looking forward to exploring another part of this spectacular country with our white water rafting trip this coming weekend.

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