Best Day Ever: Shopping & Chocolate

Friday was definitely a day of adventure! It was an excursion day for the rest of the group as they headed off to white water rapids; however, my roommate Regon and I opted out not to go on the trip (ie: the parental units gave us both a negative for this excursion). Instead, we had a day to explore this beautiful country!

We started out by sleeping in late (#blessed) and enjoying a relaxing breakfast with our family. Then we headed out to visit the City Mall in Alajuela, and let me tell you, the Forever 21 store there is nothing like it is in the USA. The styles are very different, although the prices are comparable to the clothes in the USA. After a while in Forever 21, we explored the rest of the mall. It is HUGE; we only got a lost a few times…

After exploring the mall, we went into San José to go to the Feria de Chocolate at the National Stadium. It was very cool to see all the different types of chocolates! They had various ice creams, popsicles, bars, nuggets, pastries, and chocolate covered things to try! I found one stand that I really liked that had very unique packaging for the different chocolate bars. All of the packaging used recycled brown paper bags (with minimal plastic in the inside layer to keep the chocolate protected!). It was very tasty, and the packaging was beautiful, so I couldn’t resist buying a few bars to take home and share with my family!

After stuffing ourselves with chocolates, we wandered around the city for a while just to explore before heading back into Heredia to chat with our family.

It was a great end to a great day!

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