Cafe Tour

This week I had an opportunity to visit a Brit coffee factory. While I am an avid connoisseur of coffee, I did not understand the coffee making process previously. From planting, to drying, to roasting, and tasting — the tour had it all.

I enjoyed tasting the coffee for distinct scents and flavors: wood, flowers, grapefruit, chocolate, etc. It was also fascinating to talk about differences in roast, how the coffee plant grows, and cultural differences in coffee consumption. One particularly wild fact was that coffee tastes differently depending on where it is grown on the mountain. Later on, I held a coffee bean in my hand and tried a variety of flavors.

Overall, the tour was a wonderful, informative experience. I loved both the taste and the energy provided by the cafe. Also, I tried chocolate cover coffee beans which were phenomenal. I loved the crunchy texture and distinct coffee flavor. I would truly recommend that others learn more about coffee for one reason: coffee is a fantastic heuristic to evaluate and comprehend different cultures. In Costa Rica, coffee is a relaxing, imperative part of each daily routine. In the USA, we drink it less, and for energy rather than pleasure.


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