Cooking Class in Costa Rica

One of my favorite classes in Costa Rica so far has been the cooking class. For our class we made corn tortillas (with cheese), gallo pinto, and pico de gallo, coffee, and a desert. Rosmary, another mama tica, taught us how to make these foods, and it has been my favorite meal in Costa Rica.

One thing that I noticed about Rosemary’s professional cooking was that she does not follow a strict recipe. She just eyeballs the amount of ingredients being added and adds accordingly to the taste. I also noticed that she uses a LOT of cheese, which makes the corn tortillas very good.

One food that I was very impressed with was the dessert that we made. For dessert we simply added together sweetened coconut and condensed milk and baked it until the tops were golden. This made a delicious, and not too sweet dessert that was the perfect finale after our huge meal.

Finally, we can not forget about the coffee! To make the coffee, we used a Chorreador and Bolsa. The Chorreador was an apparatus used to hold the Bolsa, which is a bag that filters the coffee. Then to make the coffee, we put coffee grains in the bag and pour water  then poured hot water in the Bolsa. This method is not as easy as using a Keurig, but it makes very good coffee!

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