La Fortuna

This weekend we had the pleasure to visit the La Fortuna waterfall in San Carlos. We had to drive for several hours and then climb 530 steps (going one way) to make it to the waterfall, but the fantastic views were worth the hike! The water fall is approximately 270 feet tall, and the water flows from the Fortuna River. When I reached the bottom of the falls, I was able to see lots of fish through the crystal clear water. I was also surprised by how cold the water was; however, I braved the cold so that I could climb on the rocks to be closer to the falls. After making it to the falls, I was so peaceful to watch and listen to the water fall. It was truly a surreal experience! I was sad when I had to leave and make the hike back up the 530 steps, but it was worth every step!

The waterfall is a very popular attraction for obvious reasons, and has allowed the town of La Fortuna to transform into a popular destination for many tourists. The town hosts many great restaurants and shops. My class mates were also very interested in the hand carved animal flutes that were sold by a local.


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