Naturaleza en Costa Rica

One of the most stunning aspects of Costa Rica is the immense biological diversity and natural beauty. From butterflies to tropical fruits to monkeys, one can always find novelty through nature in Costa Rica. The disparity between La Fortuna’s sublime waterfall versus Oxford, Ohio is vast.

The animals and insects are diverse and ubiquitous. Everyday is a constant battle with insects, yet I love butterflies, fireflies, and bustling ants I see daily. I have enjoyed watching monkeys attempt to steal belongings, while I also learned about a tapir. For someone like myself who loves nature, los animales de Costa Rica son muy bonitos!

Additionally, I love the rolling hills and mountains of the Costa Rican countrysides. I have actually enjoyed some of the long bus rides, because I was provided with the opportunity to stare toward sublime valleys, mountaintops, and furious rivers. The agriculture is wonderful too; I enjoy looking at fields trying to guess what produce is being produced there.

Lastly, the plants of the rainforest itself are vibrant and fascinating. I love seeing the natural reds, purples, and lush greens that make the area so wonderful. The flowers always seem vibrant. My papa tico cultivates orchids, and I am always astounded by the diversity in species and appearance amongst the plants and flowers. I believe Costa Rica is a naturalist haven, and I hope to see a sloth soon!

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