When I initially got the option to sign up for the rafting excursion, I was unsure if I should take part in the excursion because I was nervous about getting hurt in a foreign country. However, I said I need to try as many new things as possible because trips like this don’t happen everyday!

I am so happy that I made the decision to go rafting! It was a long bus ride to get to the river, but we had a great traditional Costa Rican breakfast on the way and got to see amazing views. When we finally made it to the rafting spot, our group broke up into 3 different rafts, and we all got amazing tour guides. Throughout the whole experience our guide was very easy to follow and we had a blast! We were able to jump off and swim in the river a few times, and we saw many breath taking views. When the tour was complete the bus ride was long, but it worked out well because we were all so exhausted. I would recommend the experience to anyone!

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