Fin de semana aventurero en Costa Rica

My last blog post was when I recovering from being sick and missed a day of class and also an exam.  My professor was very understanding in making up the exam and said that getting sick in a foreign country can happen easily since we are exposed to different bacteria in food and water.  So don’t fear if it happens to you, everyone was very kind and I recuperated fast. I was feeling much better in no time to enjoy my Costa Rica experience.  After a busy week of class and activities this week, one of my favorite things was visiting a high school to practice our Spanish conversation skills which was great fun.  The students were really excited to visit with us and they reminded me of my friends from high school.  Then over the weekend we had a bunch of awesome adventures.  On Friday, many of us went on an exciting white water rafting excursion.  Our rafting tour guides had great personalities and we had fabulous time with them.  On Saturday, we went to the waterfall at La Fortuna at the base of the dormant Chato volcano which was really cool.  You could look up at the waterfall from up close and then swim below it where the water funneled through the rocks.  It was spectacular.  Later that day, we went to the Los Lagos resort to take a dip in the natural hot springs where there were some really fun water slides too.  In the distance we could see the Arenal Volcano.  Finally we wrapped up the weekend with a zip lining adventure through the Costa Rica rain forest.  Definitely take advantage of the adventures offered on your trip, it is a wonderful way to really experience the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  And a great way to spend my weekend!

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