I scream, You Scream, ICE CREAM


Here is a very quick update, but, I just had the best ice cream I have ever had. Now, I am not one to eat lots of sweets (ask my mom- she thinks I’m crazy…), and I do not eat a lot of ice cream either! So when I say I found a great ice cream place, my mom always knows it’s a good one!

After afternoon classes, a group of us went to a small ice cream shop near our houses! A man from Venezuela owns the shop that sells bakery items (that looked delicious), and around eight different ice cream flavors. He gave us samples of all of the different flavors to try!!

The Oreo ice cream was delicious! It almost tasted more like an icy than milky ice cream, but the flavor was definitely on point.

The mora ice cream was my favorite. It tasted like a mixture of different fruits and was a beautiful dark red-purple color. I scarfed it down pretty quickly- brain freezes to follow.

The coconut flavor was delicious too (I will probably get that one next!). It had a really nice smooth texture. It tasted just like I would expect a delicious coconut flavored ice cream to taste.

We tried a few others; however, I do not completely remember the names! (Oops!) I am sure that I will be back to the shop soon, however! So, look for an update on the other flavors I try!

Overall, a 12/10 ice cream shop! Buen provecho!

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