Jugo de mango

After a long bus ride home from Manuel Antonio, we stopped at a fruit stand off the side of the road. I was tired and didn’t feel like getting out of the bus, but eventually I made it out to browse the fruit selection. In a refrigerator by the front, fresh mango juice caught my eye. I bought it along with 3 avocados all for 2500 colones. I tried the fresh mango juice and it was the most delicious drink I have ever had. I downed the entire cup in a few minutes. This further verified that the fruit in Costa Rica is amazing, much sweeter and richer than I have ever tried before. Much better than fruit in the United States! The pineapples are also very very sweet and delicious. Someone bought a bag of fresh pineapple at that fruit stand and we all shared it. Delicious! When I get back to the US, I won’t want to eat fruit because it just won’t be as good.

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