Perros de Costa Rica

The first night I arrived at my host family’s house, I was tired from a long flight and bus ride. I walked into the house to see my papa tica, a large, muscular man, holding the tiniest little rat-sized dog I have ever seen. She was growling at me. Her name is Tara. I have never liked small dogs like this, in fact, they kind of scared me, but I now love Tara! In the US, it is fairly uncommon to see so many big men with such little dogs. But here it is pretty common. I now look forward to seeing the little perrita every day and I get so excited when she hops onto my bed, usually taking 2 or 3 tried before she can jump high enough.

Stray dogs in Costa Rica are also pretty common. At a park here, I saw a cute dog walking down the street. I yelled “venga!” (the command my host family always says to Tara) and  to my surprise the dog walked over to me. He was a little dirty but I pet him anyway, because he clearly needed some love. He was so friendly and even followed us back to the bus. I still feel bad leaving that little guy behind. I love the dogs of Costa Rica.

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