All my life I have been a die hard ice cream enthusiast; however, with only two days left in my study abroad experience I got the pleasure to eat a crepe, and I was blown away. Today I went to Multiplaza Escazu with my professor, and we all decided to try crepes in a little shop. I ordered an ohi ohi, which consisted of fresh strawberries, bananas, and then it was topped with Nutella. I guess that I should be thankful that I found this store with only two days left since I will be at the beach following this trip, but I would love to eat a few more! It costs 4,600 colones, which is equivalent to about 8 US dollars.  That might seem like a high price, but I promise it was worth every penny. Plus Multiplaza Escazu is a great mall in general. There are tons of stores that I have never seen before with very reasonable prices because a lot of the clothing came from Spain. However,  you would also notice that the price of many clothing stores from the United States is significantly higher.

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