La Comida De Mi Mama Tica

As my trip is sadly coming to an end, I am becoming very nostalgic. I couldn’t have picked a better trip to embark on. One thing that I am really going to miss when returning to the United States is my mama tica’s amazing food! No matter how much work she has during the day, I can always count on three fabulous meals. My favorite meal of the day has been the breakfast. My favorite breakfast that my mama tica makes is her scrambled eggs with ham and toast. Also, my mom always serves my breakfast with a different fresh fruit, fresh juice, and coffee. My mama tica makes sure that all of her meals are healthy, and I am really going to miss all of her good cooking when I return to the United States.

One thing that is very different in Costa Rica is the size of the meals. The largest meal of the day in Costa Rica is breakfast, followed by a large lunch, and then finally a small dinner. However, when I am in the United States, I seem to have this schedule completely opposite. Whereas, I eat a very small breakfast, if any, a small lunch, and a big dinner. However, after my short time living in Costa Rica, I want to shift from my usual regimen to the one I have adapted in Costa Rica because I wake up more energized and less groggy from filling my body with a giant meal from the night before! Even though I have to return to the United States, I am excited to take back with me some of the new habits I have adopted from experiencing a new culture and of course some of my mama tica’s fantastic recipes!

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