San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica possesses a lot of novelty. Whether it be sports, museums, or shopping the city is teeming with life. San Jose has fascinating architectural milieu: cobbled streets, adobe structures, and grand fountains. Additionally, the city is very walkable. I easily traversed from the Museo de Caldron Guardia to the massive behemoth that is the national futbol stadium.

In the city, I enjoyed walking through the shopping district. The streets were very crowded, yet I found the vibrance of the city exhilarating. Shoes stores, theaters, pizza shops, and churches could all be found within a block. My friends and I managed to eat a traditional tico meal in a fairly quaint restaurant. I had tacos con guacamole.

The nature of the city fascinating as well. The park on the south side of the city is absolutely massive. Moreover, there are several other parks in city were both pigeons and tourists alike could be found.

Overall, I believe San Jose gave me an authentic tico experience. I was engrossed my the history of Rafael Caldron Guardia, while I was also enamored with the architecture of the wide avenues. I would highly recommend that someone get lost in the city. In each part of San Jose, life is bustling, and fun experiences can be found.

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